Ms. Angela's M/W First Steps

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We have made it to March! During this month, we will celebrate the color Purple and the shape Diamond. We will talk about different transportation. We will search the room for the Leprechaun, since he likes to travel around our classroom! We will talk about the weather as well. Will it be a lion day or a lamb day? On Monday, March 9th, we will celebrate our little artists with the Art Show from 5 - 6:30.

Important dates to remember:

**Monday, March 9th from 5 - 6:30 PM is Art Show night!

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Class Events
04/09/2020 :: Easter Break

School will be closed for Easter break, April 9-April 13.


04/14/2020 :: School reopens

Classes resume after Easter break.


04/24/2020 :: Teacher Workday

School closed.


05/04/2020 :: Open Registration

Registration will be open to the public, beginning at 7:30 am. Registration materials are available on this site.


05/19/2020 :: Last day of classes - First Steps and Older 2's

Final day of classes for First Steps classes and Older 2's class.


05/20/2020 :: Last day of classes

Final day of class for Pre-K and Preschool 3's (am and pm).


denotes a school-wide event